Excavation And Retaining Walls

Excavation: When undertaking an excavation project our first consideration is where your excavation project is located and what kind of land it is located on. We have several kinds of excavation equipment to handle any magnitude of earth removal. During the excavation we are often able to re-use materials for other parts of the landscaping and garden and therefore lower the cost of the total project. We also take care of the removal of all excavated materials and tipping fees.

Retaining Walls: We offer a wide range of retaining walls that will add stability, multiple levels and space to your outdoor surrounds. Types include:  timber retaining walls using steel uprights, treated pine or hardwood (dressed or has a rough sawn finish), brick or concrete block retaining walls, rendered masonry walls, dry-stone retaining walls. A retaining wall project will include: excavation, form work, steel preparation, starter bars, foundation, brick works, core filling, render and capping.

We often incorporate raised planters, flower boxes, seat tops and steps in the finished product to add an additional component of functionality or colour.